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ART & DESIGN (Fine Art)

The course provides opportunities to develop a broad foundation of critical, practical and theoretical skills that offers students a holistic understanding of a range of practices and contexts in the visual arts, crafts and design fields.

Fine Art covers a broad and developing area of study that includes painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, installation, performance and conceptual art and aspects of print-making, photography and film. It utilizes traditional, new and emerging media and processes and involves expressive use of a particularly wide range of materials, techniques and skills.

Assessment Format

Component 1: Personal Investigation, 60% of qualification, internally assessed, externally moderated.

Component 2: Externally Set Assignment, 40% of qualification, internally assessed, externally moderated.

Board: Eduqas

Course Entry Requirements:

GCSE Level 5 or above in Art and Design, Fine Art or Textile Design

Teacher to contact: Miss M King