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English Language


The full A level course consists of four modules

Course Content 

Component 1: Language Concepts and Issues

- Section A: Analysis of Spoken Language

- Section B: Language Issues

Component 2: Language Change over Time

- Section A: Language Change over Time

- Section B: English in the Twenty-First Century

Component 3: Creative and Critical Use of Language

Component 4: Language and Identity (Coursework)

Assessment Format 

Component 1: Written examination (30%) 2 hours

Component 2: Written examination (30%) 2.25 hours

Component 3: Written examination (20%) 1.75 hours

Component 4: Internally assessed/externally moderated coursework (20%)

Board: Eduqas

Teacher to contact: Mrs L Bean

Course Entry Qualifications: 

GCSE Level 6 or above in English Language and 5 or above in Literature