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Film Studies

Our A Level prepares students for Undergraduate study in a Film-related industry specialism such as a: 

• director
• cinematographer
• editor
• producer
• sound/lighting technician
• additional crew member
• film critic/media journalist
• teacher
• events manager
• programme researcher
• marketing executive or other film/media related vocations

In the first year of the course, students look at how to decode a film focusing first on Film Form through micro analysis:
• denotation/connotation
• mise-en-scene
• performance
• cinematography
• editing
• sound

First year categories for texts studied on the EDUQAS syllabus include:

Component 1

• Hollywood 1930-90 (Vertigo & Do The Right Thing)
• Contemporary Indie Hollywood (Captain Fantastic)

Component 2

• British Cinema (Shaun of the Dead & This is England)
• European Cinema (Pan’s Labyrinth).

Component 3 Coursework (if AS Level qualification is taken)
• Screenplay (1200-1400 words)
• Storyboard (15 shots)
• Evaluative analysis (1000 words+)
• Reference to additional short films from a specification selection.
They will build on this knowledge by synthesising micro and macro analysis addressing concepts such as:
• representation
• narratology
• characterisation
• ideology
• context
• auteur theory
• postmodernism
• intertextuality
• spectatorship
• critical debates
The aim is to take students through a process from passive spectatorship to active critique of cinema as a scholarly pursuit. They will address critical debates referenced and will formulate complex interpretations to support their ideas.

In Year 13, students study:

Component 1
Mainstream Hollywood Contemporary Film (Selma)

Component 2
Documentary Film (Stories We Tell)
Experimental Film (Pulp Fiction)
Silent Cinema (Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans)

Component 3 NEA (coursework)
4-5 minute short film
1600 word evaluative analysis

A Level Film Studies is a thoroughly engaging course that will stretch and challenge students in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

Board:   Eduqas

Course Entry Requirements:
GCSE grade 5 in English Language or English Literature or GCSE grade 5 in Media Studies (if taken).
Teacher to contact: Mr S Cole-Savidge