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Course Description

Module 1 – Development of practical skills in
• Includes lab-based practical skills and fieldwork 
Module 2 – Foundations in geology
• Minerals and rocks, Fossils and time
Module 3 – Global tectonics
• Earth structure, Plate tectonics, Geological structures
Module 4 – Interpreting the past
• Sedimentary environments in time, Geochronology
Module 5 – Petrology and economic geology
• Applied sedimentology, Fluids and geological processes
• Igneous petrology, Metamorphic petrology, Mining geology
Module 6 – Geohazards
• Geohazards, Engineering geology
Module 7 – Basin analysis
• Sedimentology, Palaeontology

Lab-based practical activities will form an integral part of the course, and there will also be a compulsory 4-day fieldtrip during the course.

Assessment Format 

Paper 1: Fundamentals of Geology 2hr 15min 41%
Paper 2: Scientific literacy in Geology 2hr 15min 37%
Paper 3: Practical Skills in Geology 1hr 30min 22%
Practical endorsement in Geology (non-exam assessment)

Board: OCR

Teacher to contact: Mr M Buckingham

Course Entry Requirements:

GCSE Level 6 Geography (if taken). If Geography not taken, Level 6 in Science (Additional or Single)