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This full A level consists of four units

Course Content: 

Paper 1: Regicide, Restoration and Revolution: Britain, 1625-1701.
Conflict, revolution and settlement.
Paper 2: The greatest Revolution of all? France 1774-1799.
How the noble ideals of 1789 descended into the bloodshed of the Terror.
Paper 3: The bloody struggle: Ireland and Britain 1774-1923.
Firing squads, famine and freedom from Britain.

Why do historians disagree so violently about Napoleon? 

Assessment Format
Paper 1: Written examination (30%) 2hours 15 minutes
Paper 2: Written examination (20%) 1 hour 30 minutes
Paper 3: Written examination (30%) 2 hours 15 minutes
Coursework: (20%)

Board: Edexcel

Course Entry Requirements:
GCSE grade 6 in History

Teacher to contact: Mr J Skinner