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Music Technology

The course consists of four units, Recording, Composing, Listening and analysing, Producing and analysing.

Course Description:

Component 1: Recording 20% 

One recording chosen from a list of 10 songs/10 artists,, teaching you how to capture, edit, process and mix a multitrack  audio recording. 

Component 2: Technology Based Composition 20% 

Creating, editing, manipulating and structuring sounds to produce a technology-based composition. 

Component 3: Written Examination- Listening and Analysing 25%

Component 4: Written Examination - Producing and Analysing 35% 

Assessment Format

40% coursework 
25% written exam 
35% practical exam 

Board: Edexcel 

Course Entry Requirements:
Ability to read music notation and play piano style keyboard is advantageous.

Teacher to contact: Mrs K Finch