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Course Description:

6 units for A level

Course Content 

Component 1: Performing

- Public recital of one or more pieces (6 minutes)

Component 2: Composing 

-Composing: Two compositions, 4 mins 30 in duration.

Component 3: Appraising*

-Six areas of study: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Music for Film, Popular Music and Jazz, Fusions, New Directions.

* Analyse and evaluate music from given areas of study showing understanding of musical elements, contexts and musical language

Component 1: Performing 

- Performance (8-10 minutes). 

Component 2: Composing 2-3 pieces 

-Composing: minimum of 6-8 minutes. 

Component 3: Appraising 

-Six areas of study, each with three set works. 

Assessment Format

Component 1: coursework 30%
Component 2: coursework 30%
Component 3: written exam 40%

Board: Eduqas

Course Entry Requirements:
GCSE grade 5 in Music or grade 5 instrumental and grade 3 theory

Teacher to contact: Mrs K Finch