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Course Description:

3 Components for A and AS Level.

Course Content 

Component 1: Performing

 Recital to external examiner of at least two pieces (6 minutes-12 minutes)

Component 2: Composing 

Two or three compositions,  (4 -10 minutes)

You can choose to major in either performance or composition.

Component 3: Appraising

Two or three areas of study (AS Level 2,  A Level 3)

The Western Classical Tradition, one of Rock and Pop, Musical Theatre or Jazz and for A Level either Into the 20th Century or Into the 21st Century.

 Analyse and evaluate music from given areas of study showing understanding of musical elements, contexts and musical language. Study both set works and broader context listening.

Assessment Format

Component 1: coursework 25% or 35%
Component 2: coursework 25% or 35%
Component 3: written exam 40%

Board: Eduqas

Course Entry Requirements:
GCSE grade 5 in Music or grade 5 instrumental and grade 3 theory

Teacher to contact: Mr S Lockyer