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Government and Politics

Course Description:

There A Level consists of 3 units 

Unit 1: Government and politics of the UK

Topics in Government: The British constitution, parliament, the prime minister and cabinet, the judiciary and devolution.

Topics in Politics: Democracy and participation, elections and referendums (including voting behaviour), political parties, pressure groups and the European Union.

Unit 2: Government and politics of the USA and comparative politics 

Topics in Government: The constitutional framework of US government and the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

Topics in Politics: The electoral process and direct democracy (including voting behaviour), political parties, pressure groups and civil rights.

Topics in Comparative Politics: Comparisons between the political systems of the UK and the USA in relation to the topics in modules 1 & 2.

Unit 3: Political ideas 

Topics include the core ideologies of liberalism, conservatism and socialism, and one ideology from the following: Nationalism, feminism, multiculturalism, anarchism, and ecologism.

Assessment Format

Each module is assessed by a written paper of 2 hours (33%)

Board: AQA
Course Entry Requirements:
GCSE Grade 6 in English Language, English Literature or a related Humanities subject.

Teacher to contact: Mr O Lane