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Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Course Description:

There A Level consists of three units

Unit 1: Philosophy of Religion 

Topics include ancient Greek philosophy, the body-soul distinction and arguments for and against the existence of God, as well as the nature of God and the problem of religious language. 

Unit 2: Religious Ethics 

Topics include a comparative study of religious and non-religious ethical theories and their application to moral issues: euthanasia, sex and relationships and capitalism (business ethics). The concept of conscience, and the validity of ethical language are also studied. 

Unit 3: Developments in Christian Thought 

Topics include beliefs in human nature, the person of Christ, life after death, and the connection between Christian moral principles and action, with an emphasis on scriptural bases for civil disobedience, feminist and liberation theologies, and Christian attitudes toward other religions. 

Assessment Format

Three written papers of 2 hours, equally weighted

Board: OCR

Course Entry Requirements:
GCSE grade 6 in English Langauge ,or English Literature, History and RE

Teacher to contact: Mr O Lane