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I have really enjoyed Year 12, studying Biology, Chemistry and History. These subjects have been challenging and enjoyable and are vital in fulfilling my ambition to study Medicine at university. I also have taken part in the variety of school musicals and musical events throughout my time at the Howard. Having a principal role in this year's performance of Sister Act gave me a huge boost of confidence. I am extremely grateful for the support of the Sixth Form team, who inspire me to aim high and have given me a brilliant range of opportunities throughout this year, leaving me excited for the next! 


I would sum up my first year at the Howard Sixth Form as challenging, stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve particularly enjoyed my subjects. History has helped me to develop and build on my analytical skills, English Literature has opened my eyes to different literary perspectives and genres and the challenge of learning French at A Level has been greatly stimulating, espcially the exchange which took place in March. Our French class worked in some Parisian Primary schools, greatly improving my fluency. Sportswise, there are opportunities to represent the school for both girls and boys - and I have represented the rugby team against local Sixth Form teams. Overall, the Howard Sixth Form is a great place to be, and I cannot wait for Year 13.

Sedona, 2016 - 2018

My time here at the Howard has truly been such a fun and rewarding experience. Having come from a transient, small international school abroad, I was slightly nervous to join such a large local school in comparison. Yet, even with a majority of sixth formers having grown up together through their schooling years, I need never have worried. Thanks to the constant guidance of teachers, support of staff and camaraderie of fellow pupils, I soon felt as if I had always belonged. Being able to study Media, Sociology and French with talented teachers has also gained me a place at King's College London to read Politics & International relations. The Howard Sixth Form has truly been one of my most enjoyable experiences. It has offered a great mix of fantastic people and I know that my future path, wherever it leads, will be flavoured and shaped by the wonderful experiences of my time at the school.   

Kay, 2015 - 2017

As everyone says, Sixth Form is different from being in the main school. Freedom is a word many may use to describe this change! However, of course, these are a challenging two years in which big decisions have to be made. It is here that the extensive support system and friendly environment of our sixth form is really appreciated. I studied Spanish, Psychology, and English Literature A Levels. I thoroughly enjoyed all my subjects and if there were ever periods where I struggled, I was always offered personalised support from all my teachers. The Sixth Form is a community where everyone is striving to achieve a place at university or follow other career paths and apprenticeships. I am now studying Law at Leeds University.

Ailsa, 2013-2015

I studied Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geography at the Howard Sixth Form, and absolutely loved my time there. It’s allowed me to go on to study medicine at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and I’m hoping to go into clinical medicine, but I’ve also become interested in health promotion and global health management, so I am very excited to see where my career will take me! I am so grateful to the Howard Sixth Form who inspired me to aim high, supported me in all my ambitions and gave me a fantastic range of opportunities to experience the real world and discover where my talents and passions lie.

Miles, 2012-2014

During my time at the Howard of Effingham Sixth Form I studied Economics, English Literature and English Language with an aim to study Economics at my top choices of Exeter or Nottingham University. I look back at my time at the Howard of Effingham extremely fondly; the lessons were always engaging and the teachers would fully support you to help you achieve your academic goals. From RAG week to our very own Football League, there’s so many opportunities for students to get involved in all the activities and social side of Sixth Form life. The Howard of Effingham gave me every opportunity to be able to start my career in the City as a school leaver – an option different to many of my peers. I strongly believe the image of apprenticeships is changing and there is no longer a one route option into the world of finance. If you get the opportunity, go for it. 

Emelia, 2011-2013

I studied Psychology, Philosophy & Ethics, and Mathematics, to A level, while in Sixth Form. I enjoyed all my lessons and in particular I was really challenged and engaged in Philosophy & Ethics, where the classes were often filled with fascinating debates and discussions. 

Throughout my time at the Howard, I was also training as an elite middle-distance athlete, which could be extremely demanding at times, and so a key focus for me was to maintain a balance between training, competing and my studies.  

The school, however, was extremely supportive of both my academic and sporting commitments, and ensured that I had the right resources to help me complete my A levels to the best of my ability.

Since leaving the Howard, I went on to achieve a first class honours Psychology degree at Royal Holloway University of London. This was a huge achievement for me, considering I continued to pursue my athletics career alongside my studies, and even completed some of my major exams abroad while I was away racing. 

I can say, with all honesty, that I benefited tremendously from having a solid spring board in the Sixth Form.  I have been able to achieve academically as well as compete in the Commonwealth Games and European Championships, also securing two national championships in my first year as a senior athlete.

I am now currently a full time elite athlete training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

Emily, 2006-2008

The Howard holds some of my fondest memories. The community at the Sixth Form is really something quite special: supportive teachers that give you the tools and environment to thrive in, a brilliant range of subjects, friendships that are lasting a lifetime and the most nurturing and FUN culture you could ask for. I went on to take English Lit at Durham, largely down to an incredible experience studying it at the Howard and there’s simply no better place to study than amongst the cobbles and cathedral (along with the ‘worst’ nightclub in Europe)! I now have the privilege to work everyday with the big yellow bear at BBC Children in Need, creating and executing the marketing and fundraising strategy to help change the lives of over 480,000 children every year.

Tamar, 2006-2008

As heard on BBC Radio 4’s Fresh From The Fringe & The Now Show.

I studied Theatre Studies, Music, English Literature and Maths at the Howard and am now making a career as a a comedian, writer, singer, actor, playwright and award-winning songwriter.  The Howard Sixth Form really gave me the chance to learn both academically and more broadly in a really supportive environment. It helped give me the confidence to do what I'm doing now.

Last year, I was nominated for Best Comedy Show at Perth Fringeworld and have recently returned to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a funny and frank one-woman musical.

 I have also co-written the play Split with Emma Pritchard, which will next run at The Vaults Festival in February 2018, and a musical Club Mexicano with John Victor which comes to London this Autumn. 

“Think somewhere between Bridget Jones and Victoria Wood and you’ll be close to grasping Broadbent’s undeniable appeal. ” – ★★★★ The Stage

 “Talented, bright and funny. I predict a great future” – Michael Palin

Holly, 2006-2008

I studied Art, Textiles and English Literature at A Level so studying at the Howard, for me, was the beginning of learning about the creative professions, and where I started to develop my skills and direct my enthusiasm for the subject. After Sixth Form, I went on to do an Art Foundation Course at University of the Creative Arts Farnham which led me to study art at degree level, at The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL) and Sculpture at the Royal College of Art for my Master's degree. In 2013 I won the Woon Prize for Painting and Sculpture which was a grant of £20,000 to fund a year-long residency at BALTIC 39 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.   In 2016 I won the Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor Award. I am now exhibiting in the UK and internationally and plan to continue to develop my art practice. You can find more details of my work at

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